At Hildesheim Consulting we don’t see problems, but focus on opportunities…

Hildesheim Consulting was established in 2009 by Kim Hildesheim. Kim has worked in the material handling industry since 1997, and has obtained a great amount of international experience. From his work in more than twenty different countries worldwide, Kim has gained thorough understanding and respect for the difference in cultures. We are ready to take on challenges worldwide.

The main purpose of establishing Hildesheim Consulting is to be able to work in direct relations with the end-customer to help in the often complex decision making process.

Being an independent consulting company gives Hildesheim Consulting the flexibility to represent both the supplier- and customer- side of projects. The flexibility and versatility benefits the customers throughout the project phase; from planning, through the execution to the service phase. We strive to create long-term partnerships with our clients, further attributing the knowledge of our customer's needs and focus areas.







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